We all want to keep fit and most want to shed unsightly fat but when it comes to exercise and fitness there are many misconceptions and myths circulating in society. To help establish the facts from the fiction, we have compiled the five most worryingly bogus fitness myths.

Protein helps build muscle

  • Fact – Excess calories are stored as fat.
  • Fiction – Eating more protein will give you muscles to rival Popeye’s! Whilst adequate calories are required to build muscle, excess calories, if not burnt off will be stored as fat. An overdose of protein can put the body under unnecessary strain. Protein exits the body via the bladder in the urine and too much protein can put pressure on the kidneys and lead to kidney stones. To achieve enviable muscles hammer the weights and not the peanut butter.

Regular sit-ups can transform an unsightly beer belly into a Peter Andre six-pack

Obliterating ‘spot fat’ from certain areas of the body is unachievable by muscle work outs alone. If your stomach is incessantly hidden by several rolls of fat, it will remain incessantly hidden, no matter how many sit-ups you do. You have a perfect six-pack of muscles under the fat but in order to show it off, you will need to combine fat-burning cardio workouts with regular sit-ups.

If you stop exercising those muscles will quickly turn to fat

Believe it or not, muscles and fat are not related and are entirely different tissues. Muscles are made up of approximately 70 percent of water and fat consists of only 30 percent water, the rest is fat. It would be a scientific miracle if they could turn into one another. Giving up exercise may result in weight gain due to insufficient calories being burnt, but not because of muscles crumbling to the evils of fat.

Running on a treadmill puts less strain on your knees than road running

Running, whilst it is a fantastic cardio workout, puts tremendous strain on your knees simply due to the force of your bodyweight. You carry your own body weight whether you are on a treadmill, on a running track, or running on a road. The most effective way to reduce the chance of acquiring knee injuries is to combine running with other cardio activities, such as riding a bike.

If you’re not sweating you may as well be watching the television

The body sweats as a way to cool down and is not necessarily an indicator of exertion. It is possible to exercise and burn calories without working up a sweat. Walking for example, is great exercise but rarely makes you sweat.


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